April Meeting

A great day with fellow quilters and our guests, Connie, Kelly, Lisa, Linda, Dana and Camille from the Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild pictures are later in this post.

A reminder to all members, May 24th meeting is our workshop with Bonnie Sabel making quilted postcards.

First, an update on our guild challenge.  For April we had to make a dimensional “something” to add to our beginning block or a Hexagon.  Some people did both. In May we will be adding either a nine patch or a stripe/poka dot fabric.  Lots to think about.

aprilmeeting1Show and tell by members

aprilmeeting11 aprilmeeting10 aprilmeeting9 aprilmeeting8 aprilmeeting7 aprilmeeting12 aprilmeeting5 aprilmeeting4 aprilmeeting3 aprilmeeting2 aprilmeeting6


aprilmeeting14 aprilmeeting39

The Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild explained all about the “modern” quilt movement and what constitutes a “modern” quilt. These are the quilts they shared with us.

aprilmeeting38 aprilmeeting37 aprilmeeting36 aprilmeeting35 aprilmeeting34 aprilmeeting32 aprilmeeting31 aprilmeeting30 aprilmeeting29 aprilmeeting28 aprilmeeting33 aprilmeeting26 aprilmeeting25 aprilmeeting24 aprilmeeting23 aprilmeeting22 aprilmeeting27 aprilmeeting20 aprilmeeting19 aprilmeeting18 aprilmeeting17 aprilmeeting16 aprilmeeting15 aprilmeeting13 aprilmeeting21


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