May Meeting and Postcard Workshop

What a fun day!  Our workshop with Bonnie Sabel  of Positively Postcards was an absolute blast.  Bonnie was wonderful to work with and her kits are designed to make sure you succeed.

Bonnie Sabel

Bonnie Sabel

As you can see, we all made different projects and more than one!  In fact we bought more kits to take home with us and make even more postcards.  At the June meeting we will put all the finished projects together to get a group picture. Remember, you can click on the photo to get a larger view.

May meeting13 May meeting14 May meeting15 May meeting16 May meeting12 May meeting10 May meeting17We also all brought in out challenge projects.  As you can see each one is very unique.  The first picture is Flo with my pieces artfully draped from her shoulders.  I’m always taking the pictures so someone has to pose for me!  The challenge for June is to use embellishments or paper piecing techniques in your quilt.

May meeting1 May meeting2No meeting is complete without show and tell. Ah, beautiful quilts in many different colors and designs.

May meeting5 May meeting7 May meeting8 May meeting9 May meeting3 May meeting4June is our annual potluck lunch.  We are going to bring our favorite scrap quilt and talk about why its our favorite and share stories of making these scrap quilts.  Bring your sewing machines and scraps, show how you put your scraps together and plan on making, or at least starting, a scrappy quilt.  Next meeting is June 28th.



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2 Responses to May Meeting and Postcard Workshop

  1. It was a ton of fun!! I do not have my postcard of Frida Kahlo so will have to do another!! I popped her in the mail and she arrived safely in Phoenix AZ!!!

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