October 2015

Our program this month was an enjoyable lecture from Karla Alexander  We so enjoyed her enthusiasm and knowledge.  Her quilts and techniques are suited for everyone at any level of quilt making.

This month was also the completion of the music challenge.  The challenge was to choose a song and compose a quilt that reflected your thoughts about that song.   Flo, Shirley, JoAnn, Carol, Teresa please post, in the comments section, what your song was and talk about how the quilt reflected your song.

Next month members will have an opportunity to purchase a chance to win one of these little quilts.  The Goose is finished, the Cardinal is currently having another round put on it but all will be ready by our meeting.

Oct201517Show and tell.  Lots of fun quilts and Jean’s baskets.  Click on any picture to be taken to a full screen view and you can scroll thru the photos.

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1 Response to October 2015

  1. Shirley Kerr says:

    my challenge was more a depiction of a musical form than a particular song. Being “classical” it reflects a sonata- allegro form. The first panel is allegro, the middle is adagio and the third is rondo. I called it “starlight sonata” Shirley

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