May 2016

Some of our members are working hard on their challenge quilts.  Some of us are still petting the fabric but you quilters out there know all about that.  The multiple hued dotted fabric is the challenge fabric.  Flo is fussy cutting out some of those little dots!

Sharon's Challenge quilt

Sharon’s Challenge quilt

Lois challenge quilt

Lois challenge quilt

Martha's challenge quilt

Martha’s challenge quilt

Chris' challenge quilt

Chris’ challenge quilt

Flo's challenge quilt

Flo’s challenge quilt

I can tell it is summer because show and tell is getting a bit limited.  We are obviously outside but these are very pretty quilts.

New design by Chris

New design by Chris

Chris ? is that you?

Chris ? is that you?

Teresa front of quilt

Teresa front of quilt

Teresa back of quilt

Teresa back of quilt

We would love to have any quilters in the area join us on the 4th Saturday of each month at the Lebanon, OR senior center.  See the meeting page for more information.  If you love quilts you will enjoy the group!

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